You can be part of the network that creates culture and promotes art.

Join our YO TENGO EL MAMBO and start enjoying the benefits today.

YO TENGO EL MAMBO is MAMBO’S membership program which main objective is to invite people from around the world to attend different artistic and cultural events that seek to promote the development of modern and contemporary art in Colombia and latin America.

Being part YO TENGO EL MAMBO means you are making a contribution to the development of MAMBO and its educational and curatorial activities. In exchange, members receive different benefits, such as exclusive events, reciprocity with more than 200 museums and cultural visits to other entities, among others.

More so the members will enjoy the scene of colombian art in an active manner along with artists, collectors, curators, other members.



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MAMBO has an interesting group of members consisting of large national and international companies.

The corporate YO TENGO EL MAMBO’s memberships offer all size companies the opportunity to grow by providing their employees and special clients with an exclusive and unique experience in the Museum.

These members receive a series of special benefits according to their contribution.


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